Purge Toxins Now and Enjoy the Exhilaration of being Pure and Cleansed!

Wake up every day refreshed and energized to enjoy a better life. 

Feeling better is great, but what about living a longer healthier life?

Toxins are likely robbing you of a healthy and enjoyable life!

Toxins are a major source of sickness and disease!

An estimated 75 percent of most cancers are related to toxins coming from the environment and lifestyle.*    


  • Tired,  Fatigued and Run Down
  • Memory Loss
  • Constipation
  • Diherria
  • Head aches
  • Weight Gain
  • High Frequency of Illnesses
  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • Restless Sleep

You are not alone. 

Most people (unless they have cleansed and detoxed) have hundreds of chemicals stored in their bodies.  What’s bad is that you may not even feel the full affect until a chronic disease sets in!

Worry no more! Because we have the all in one solution that will make sure you are maintaining a proper and healthy lifestyle!

The Master Cleanse Detoxing Program is a simple and easy method that guarantees a healthier and happier you. You will cleanse the toxins from your body, regain energy, lose weight and improve your overall health in just a few days!

No More Feeling Overweight, Tired or Unhealthy!

The Master Cleanse Detoxing Program provides:

  • Weight Loss. In Just 10 days, lose those extra pounds.
  • Detoxification. Purge toxins and pollutants from your system.
  • Improved Energy. Feel the difference and be revitalized and renewed.
  • Removes Unhealthy Cravings: Remove addictive cravings to Caffeine, Nicotine and Alcohol.
  • Heals Minor Ailments. Clears up minor disorders and has even been known to cure ulcers.
  • Mental Clarity. Clear your cognitive condition and think clearly.
  • Positive Attitude. With your renewed vigor, your attitude will reflect how good you feel.
  • Improves Overall Health. Feeling good both outside and inside.

Get Ready to Purge the Poisons

The Cleanse is started early in the day with a salt water solution, and then six to twelve glasses of a homemade lemonade concoction.

The detoxifier ends their day with an herbal tea laxative. This solution, if maintained properly, will help a person detoxify and cleanse the body as well as lose those extra pounds.

The diet also helps reenergize and reinvigorate your body. This is great and helpful for people who feel lethargic and weak.


We GUARANTEE that you will feel REFRESHED, ENERGIZED, and HEALTHIER than you have in years!  


Questions and Answers that Can Change Your Life!  

Why does detoxification promote weight loss?

Detoxification promotes weight loss because the process itself purges the body of all toxins and chemicals that hinder the digestion of our food. All the supplements are not properly absorbed while all the fat and calories are.

Which days are the roughest?

The roughest days in the Master Cleanse Detoxing program would be the first few days after starting the Cleanse. There will be uncomfortable symptoms as our body adjusts itself to the new diet.

Is the salt water flush essential?

The salt water flush is essential to the process to cleanse your digestive system. The salt water acts as a colonic flush to clean our colons of the toxins and contaminants.

What does the maple syrup do?

The cleanse flushes out all the toxins and poisons from our body but it also flushes out needed proteins and calories. The maple syrup is heavy with sugar and proteins and provides our body with the daily energy it needs for everyday life.

What is the cayenne pepper for?

The cayenne pepper is a vital component to the lemon mix. It acts a detoxifying agent and removes mucus from our digestive system, loosening up the digestive process.

What to do when it seems nothing is happening?

The best indication of the process taking its course is if you feel uncomfortable with symptoms. These are not just side effects of the Cleanse; these are also indicators that your body is taking in the diet.

What is the best indication that the Cleanse is complete?

The best indication that the Cleanse is complete is if you feel energized and revitalized. Most people feel the full effects of the diet after 10 days but some people go on for more than that until they achieve their target results.

Hear From People About Their Experience with this GREAT Product!

“There was a time when I felt tired, cranky and bloated… But thanks to Master Cleanse Detoxing, I have more energy, I feel much better and I even lost a lot of weight! I can’t say enough about Master Cleanse Detoxing!”

James F.

“This program is extremely helpful and I highly recommend it. In the short span under the program, I was able to lose 17 pounds and I feel like I have more energy than ever!” –Maxim Jones

“I used to live a very unhealthy lifestyle but I didn’t know how to stop. Master Cleanse Detoxing gave me a way out and cleaned out all my unhealthy ways. You can make the same safe and reliable change with this diet. ” –Carson S. Missouri

“I’m a single mom with a very demanding job. I couldn’t handle all the stress and I heavily relied on coffee to keep me going. Thanks to Master Cleanse Detoxing, I’m now caffeine free and I have more than enough energy to be with the kids even after work!” –Maxim Jones

“I needed to lose weight and be healthy before my wedding with Jim. Thank God I was able to find Master Cleanse Detoxing. I was able to lose the weight and become healthy in less than 2 weeks!” –Helen S. San Francisco

“We used to go out every night drinking and smoking. We needed a change. We needed to get healthy and detoxify but we couldn’t find a proper way how. Until we found Master Cleanse Detoxing” –Jesse and Sandy

“I’ve always struggled with keeping my weight down and eating healthy foods. Since ordering your new book, my body is now cleansed and I was finally able to lose weight. Keep up the good work. ” –Daryl R. Indianapolis

“I’ve been going on diets and detoxifying programs since I can remember. Only until this book did I get enough of both. Getting in shape and cleansing my body felt great. ” –Ellie G. New Hampton

“The Master Cleanse Detoxing Diet has worked for so many people and it wasn’t until tried it myself that I finally believed it. It worked wonders for my body. Thanks a lot.” –Joe Mortimer


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